Landscaping Tools for Your Shed

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Landscaping Tools for Your Shed

Looking to keep the land around your restaurant beautifully landscaped but not sure which tools to invest in? Stock your shed with well-built, high-quality essentials - the classic tools you'll use year after year.

Here are a few musts to keep your property neat and trim, according to experts:

1. a balanced weight that is easy to use and comfortable to handle.
2. a round-point shovel (which both digs and throws soil).
3. a leaf rake, preferably an expandable model that cleans up debris between and under shrubs at its narrowest setting and rakes up a lot of leaves when fully expanded.
4. a hand pruner with bypass blades rather than anvil blades (anvil blades strike one another and crush the stem of the plant you are pruning).
5. a hoe to cut off weeds at the surface level in paths leading up to your restaurant and around other established plants.
6. long-handled shears for cutting branches.



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