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How can I use a melon baller?

The Scoop on Kitchen Tools

Don't underestimate the power of The Scoop when buying kitchen tools:

  • Melon Baller: Yes, you can scoop little balls of melon with this. But you can also scoop balls of butter for your tables. Clean out the insides of cherry tomatoes and fill with bleu cheese for a nice appetizer.
  • Ice Scoop: If you have an ice machine, get one. Never use a glass to scoop ice as the glass may crack and break into your ice bin.
  • Tablespoon Scoops: Newer measuring spoons come in scoop shapes. These are great for scooping batter into tins or making perfect-sized cookies.

Can Stainless Steel stain?

Can Stainless Steel Stain?

Keeping stainless steel clean is not difficult if you wash items thoroughly each time you use them. After some time however, you may find stains on that allegedly “stainless” steel. And sometimes they are permanent. Here's how to know if the stains can be removed from your stainless steel utensils: Stains that look like rainbows on the surface of your utensil are permanent. Brown stains are easily removable by soaking a cloth in ammonia and placing it on the stain for a minimum of 30 minutes. Give it a normal wash afterwards.

What cutting board is right for my knives?

Be Kind to Your Knives

Something as simple as choosing the right cutting boards can make a big difference in your knife's ability to keep its sharp edge longer. The best choice is a wooden cutting board. Since wood is pliable, it does less damage to your blade. Look for cutting boards that have the end grain facing up (butcher block style). Besides being the best for durability, this style lets the knife slide between the vertical wood fibers.

How can I use a kitchen island in my restaurant?

Your Kitchen's Island Getaway

If you think kitchen island carts are only made for domestic use, think again. Your restaurant can benefit from these handy island carts! Think of them as mobile work stations. Because the carts usually have wheels (look for locking wheels) and solid wood tops, use them in less crowded parts of the kitchen for side food prep work. You can also devote island carts to herb chopping, dressing mixing, cheese grating, or any specific task that requires a lot of work in a little space.

Should buy ceramic knives?

Ceramic Knives: Are They For You?

When shopping for kitchen knife sets, more professionals are turning to ceramic knives. Although a relatively new concept to some, they are a great alternative to stainless steel knives. Ceramic knives' blades stay sharper longer than steel -- some don't require sharpening for years. They will not rust or give a metallic taste to the food you're slicing or cutting.

Be sure to keep ceramic blades out of the dishwasher, though, as they can chip. Hand wash instead and wipe dry.

How can I sell my baked goods effectively?

Baked Goods Advertising

If your restaurant or cafe offers fresh baked goods, add a few clear dome, raised cake display plates to your list of kitchen supplies. You can use these for cakes as well as stacks of brownies, cupcakes, muffins, and even large cookies. The clear dome keeps the goods fresh while showing off the succulent treats. If you have a front counter, place the trays at the front (near the cash register, for example).

Also, advertise your baked goods with samples. As new stock comes in, take one or two of the day-old item (a couple of brownies or a slice of cake), cut them up into small pieces, and place them on a plate for patrons to taste as they come up to pay. Use the opportunity to pitch the product!

How can I stay prepared for health inspectors?

Keeping Kitchens Clean

If you own an eating establishment you know that health inspectors can show up unexpectedly for a health and safety review of your restaurant. Be prepared by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Keep countertops free of clutter.
  • Use the "clean as you go" policy when cooking. Put away ingredients after use and wipe down countertops with antibacterial wipes and/or cleaning spray.
  • Sinks should have a separate compartment or holder for sponges and washrags. (Rubbermaid makes great sponge holders that suction to the side of the sink.)
  • Keep floors swept, especially after food prep.

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