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What other uses are there for garbage cans?

Using Trash Cans for Storage

A simple way to stash large restaurant supplies (or smaller supplies you have a lot of) is to store them in a trash can. Plastic, 30-gallon bins are an ideal choice for keeping linens, paper products, plastic cups and cleaning items stored away neatly. Choose a trash can with wheels so that mobility is easier, especially for heavy items. Bins with wheels can also be used as a delivery method for restocking restrooms, wait stations and bars.

How can I avoid the smell of garbage in my restaurant?

Eliminating Garbage Smells

Keep kitchen and bathroom garbage smells away from your restaurant patrons with these tips:

  • Use trash can liners in all bins.
  • Tie up garbage and replace with new liners as soon as the bin is full or as soon as a particularly smelly item is thrown away (meats, fish, onion, food that has spoiled, etc.).
  • Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the bin before replacing the trash can liner.
  • Keep trash away from tables on the dining room floor.

Are stainless steel trash cans a good choice for my restaurant?

Keeping Clean with Stainless Steel

Keep health and safety at the forefront of your restaurant's operation with the use of stainless trash cans. Stainless steel cleans easily with disinfectant and prevents the absorption of chemicals, bacteria and germs. Newer cans are designed to be completely touch-free, opening with the use of infrared sensors. The more common step pedal cans are also very effective, however, and perfect for use throughout your dining establishment.

How can I move my recyclables easily?

Taking the Effort Out of Recycling

During a typical day at a restaurant, a lot of recyclables can pile up. Moving them to the curb or out back for pick-up can be a hassle, particularly if there are a lot of glass bottles and plastics. Recycling trash cans are now made in standard, 30-gallon size (as well as much larger, industrial "tilt truck" size) to accommodate the amount of recyclable trash your eatery generates. Although many of them do not come with lids, lids can be purchased. Wheels are also an additional smart buy for easy transport from restaurant to pick-up area.

How can I keep my trash can lids from disappearing?

Secure Garbage Can Lids

One of the problems restaurant owners face is keeing garbage can lids from getting separated after trash pick-up, or even stolen outright. Here are a few tips to keep your lids secure:

  • Drill a hole in the lid and close to the top of the can. Chain together through the holes.
  • Purchase garbage cans with attached lids.
  • Collect cans and lids as soon after pick up as possible.
Also, paint numbers on the cans and the lids. Keep them paired at all times.

How can I hide my trash cans?

Pretty Trash?

Everyone makes trash, but no one really likes to see it. Restaurants are in a particular jam since space (or zoning) restraints may not allow them to keep their trash at the back of the establishment forcing them to keep it at the front, near the street. Or even if they can, the back of the restaurant might also be the parking lot! No one wants to see trash before they go eat. One way to solve this dilemma is to build garbage can holders. They are simple to construct -- with wood, cement, brick or stone -- and offer a more attractive "house" for your eatery's trash cans before pick-up.

How do I keep the trash can liner from slipping?

Stop Slipping Trashcan Liners

Here's an excellent trick for keeping all trash can liners from slipping -- whether it's bathroom trash cans, cans in the bussing areas, rest rooms or in the dining area of your restaurant. After placing the liner in the bin, use two paper clamps to clip the edges of the liner to the bin. Fold down the arms of the paper clamp so that they are flush with the sides of the bin. Paper clamps are available in a variety of sizes at any office supply store.

How do I protect my garbage from pests?

Keeping Pests Away From Garbage

If you're having trouble keeping mice, rats and other creatures out of your garbage and recyclable bins, mix up this (earth-friendly) concoction and pour it into a spray bottle:

  • 2 tablespoons liquid dish soap
  • 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper
  • 1 quart warm water

Spray the insides and outsides of the trash/recyclable cans, as well as the area around the cans to deter the pests.

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