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Bakery Supply Support

Picture this: hungry customers are waiting for your baked goods on a busy night and your machine goes dead. No one knows quite what went wrong. Avoid this scenerio (and angry guests) by making sure your bakery supply manufacturer offers support. Make sure there is a 24-hour hotline you can call to get service during your typical 12 month warranty should your supplies break. Companies that do not offer parts and 24-hour labor during the warranty period are usually much cheaper. It's worth it to get the service. There are also companies that will give you temporary equipment should yours have to undergo repairs. These are services well worth investing in.


Keep a Maintenance Calendar

Restaurant equipment and supplies are expensive and if they break down can it can certainly have a big impact on your business profit. Making sure equipment is well maintained will save you a lot of money in utility and replacement costs. Here is a good plan of attack, courtesy of

Create a calendar with the recommended maintenance dates for all parts and equipment, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual checks. The schedule should note when air-conditioning-equipment air filters should be changed (at least quarterly), exhaust- and supply-fan bearings should be lubricated, and when thermostats on cooking and air-conditioning equipment should be calibrated


Education Will Keep You Above the Competition

Do lots of research and choose the best janitorial and restaurant supplies. It's the only way to keep up with and beat your competition. And the competition in the foodservice industry is fierce.
According to Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine(RS&G), every day, 100 to 125 new restaurants open their doors or change ownership. And approximately 42,000 new restaurant business licenses will be issued this year. It's worth it to invest wisely in your business. If you don't, customers will eventually notice and wind up choosing an establishment that does.


Cleaning Supplies for Linens

When ordering janitorial supplies for your restaurant, you want to factor in supplies to help you keep your linens as clean as can be. Fine table linens at a restaurant may start out crisp and white, but by the end of the evening they are often covered in food, wine and lipstick.

You'll want an industrial stain-buster for that persistent lipstick stain that remains even after the first wash. You'll want to soak the linen overnight in this before washing it again.

For grease stains on linens, a WD-40 will work well, according to experts. You'll then want to add a liquid dish soap fortified with grease cutters to ensure that no oil spot is left on the napkin. After letting it set for a bit, you can send to the laundry.


Why Chefs Love Immersion Blenders

Chefs have admitted that the immersion blender is one of the most essential restaurant supplies in their kitchen. That's because it's a useful, multipurpose gadget that takes up minimal space.

Also known as a hand blender, the immersion blender is an electric wand-shaped device with a blender blade at the bottom. They can cost between $10 and $70 or more and can come with a detachable wand, different speeds and cordless with rechargeable batteries. A plastic measuring/mixing beaker is often included with most models.


The Universal Measuring Cup

One of the main drawbacks of measuring cups is the sheer number of them needed for the complete range of measurements.
Cooks must have a complete set of both dry and liquid measuring cups on hand. Inevitably, some of these get misplaced over time. There is a solution to this problem: a universal measuring cup. When ordering bakery and restaurant supplies, it is a good idea to add this to your list.
Here's how it works: it is a two-piece cylinder with an outer and inner part. The outer cylinder contains all the possible gradations of both liquid and dry measurments. A tight-fitting inner cylinder is pulled down to the proper measuring line. The ingredient can then be placed in the universal measuring cup and leveled off. If another ingredient is required, the inner cylinder can be pulled down yet again to add the new measurement. Several dry or liquid ingredients can be added all at once and then dumped as a unit into the mixing bowl or food processor.


Shopping for Janitorial Supplies

Shopping for janitorial supplies but want to do extensive research on products before you purchase them? Go online and browse the Web site for Dura Wax, one of America's Leading Makers and Marketers of Janitorial Equipment and Janitorial Supplies Since 1935. The company puts out a 228-page catalogue of products. Browse them and then request "product spec sheets" which will tell you everything you need to know about a particular product. Find all this at


Restaurant Supplies that Conserve Energy

Conserving energy has become a big concern in the restaurant industry as high gas prices and utility costs cause bills to rise.

In fact, nine out of 10 quickservice restaurants and two-thirds of fullservice restaurants admitted lack of energy conservation has negatively affected their businesses, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

Traditionally, restaurants have neglected energy management, instead spending the bulk of their time on food, service and competent employees, according to However, restauranteurs are paying increasingly more attention to energy as they watch their bills soar. They are investing in new restaurant equipment and supplies.

Cost-cutting strategies include investing in energy-saving equipment as well as other tactics that include controlling lighting, tinting windows, contracting with new energy providers and hiring energy consultants.


Dry and Wet Measurement Tools

When purchasing bakery and restaurant supplies, you will need to determine which types of measurement cups and spoons you will need for different food substances. Most measuring cups are made from metal, glass or plastic and use the standard 8 ounce cup as the basic unit of measurement. There are dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cups and measurement spoons. You will need them all. It is not a good idea to use one kind for every ingredient. That is because a cup of flour is not the same as a cup of vegetable oil. Dry measurements are usually made in plastic or metal containers, while liquids may be measured in transparent Pyrex-style glass measuring cups.


Cleaning "Green"

If you are a "green," or environmentally conscious, restaurant and worry about cleaning chemicals, think about purchasing a
chemical-free steam/vapor cleaner when you consider your janitorial supplies.

These cleaners are able to melt away dirt, soil and residue. They have safety features and can produce a vapor that is finer than steam. They require no chemicals and kill bacteria as they clean.

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