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What disposable dinnerware items look like China?

Disposable Dinnerware: Is it China or Paper?

Not all disposable paper dinnerware looks as if it came direct from the local grocery store shelves. Chinet Classic Dinnerware is made from re-claimed fabric and not only looks like China, but it is strong, durable, and ready for the microwave. Their special line of disposable dinnerware is also resistant to cuts, and their bowls are resistant to oils and water. Chinet disposable dinnerware comes in a variety of colors such as white, black, and burgundy trim and may be compartmentalized or one serve plates. When purchased in bulk form, you can buy Chinet in cases of 1000 or 500 units per case.

Which disposable food preparation gloves are best?

Wearing Disposable Food Preparation Gloves Near Heat

Disposable food preparation gloves are required by federal law to be worn in food establishments, during the preparation and handling of food. However there are a number of different materials to choose from when selecting disposable food preparation gloves. These choices include:

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    • Latex
    • Vinyl
    • Synthetic
    • Poly
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The FDA recommends that non-latex gloves be worn by food workers to prevent reactions to latex allergies. Additionally, the FDA specifies that Poly gloves should not be worn near heat sources due to the fact that they aren't fire resistant. Always read the safety data sheet when purchasing disposable food preparation gloves.

Which disposable plastic cups offer the best insulation?

Choosing Insulated Disposable Plastic Cups

Not all disposable plastic cups are insulated. Insulated foam disposable plastic cups are great for ensuring that your customer's beverages remain temperature specific on the inside while staying cool to the touch on the outside. When choosing disposable plastic cups look for foam based cups that specifically state that they are insulated. To keep hot beverages secure, choose disposable plastic lids that are specifically designed for insulated hot or cold foam cups.

Why are disposable food preparation gloves important?

The Importance of Using Disposable Food Preparation Gloves

The FDA has announced that food borne illnesses will be dramatically reduced as food workers utilize disposable food preparation gloves in the workplace. These gloves serve as a barrier to protect the worker from contracting bacteria from raw or uncooked meat and shellfish, while also preventing contamination of food items from workers.

Disposable food preparation gloves are an important precaution in preventing the spread of sickness, bacteria, and disease in food establishments. Be sure to thoroughly wash hands before and after wearing gloves, and it is also recommended to scrub the fingernail area with a nailbrush for at least 20 seconds before and after wearing disposable gloves. Make sure that the disposable food preparation gloves you have selected fit accurately, and never use your food gloves for other tasks. Keep them task specific to achieve the best protection.

What is the best material to look for when choosing plastic beer cups?

Polycarbonate Plastic Beer Cups

Polycarbonate is used to create things such as bulletproof windows, eyeglasses, and CD cases. It is also a great choice of material to look for when choosing plastic beer cups. Polycarbonate's inherent strength makes it durable and it is virtually unbreakable. Additionally, Polycarbonate is extremely lightweight making it the perfect material to use for creating portable food and beverage containers for the food industry.

What materials should I look for when choosing plastic dinnerware?

Choosing Plastic Dinnerware made from Polypropylene

Plastic dinnerware is not only convenient for special events it also must be strong and durable. When choosing plastic dinnerware, consider choosing products made from Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a Polymer and has the dual benefits of serving as both a plastic and fiber. Therefore, the finished product is enriched with great strength and withstands even the toughest uses. Also, Polypropylene is resistant to yellowing with age.

What should I look for when purchasing disposable food trays?

Disposable Food Trays on the Go

For food establishments that offer carry out service, choosing disposable tableware that makes taking food and beverages out of the facility in a safe, sanitary, and convenient manner is key. One key feature to look for in your disposable food trays is to make sure that the hinge closes easily and securely. Also, choose disposable food trays that allow for easy stacking of multiple items. These food trays often have a ridge on the top making them versatile. The foam or plastic used should offer superior insulation to ensure that the food remains hot and fresh.

What type of disposable containers travel best?

Disposable Containers: Choosing Perforated Hinges

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Disposable containers are essential to food establishments that offer carry out services. However, there is nothing worse then sending a customer on their way with disposable containers that open up, spilling their contents everywhere. When purchasing disposable containers for your establishment, consider choosing containers that have perforated hinges. These hinges prevent the containers from opening up, even during periods of travel. Additionally, the perforated hinges also enables your customers to safely, easily, and quickly remove the lid when they are ready to enjoy their meal.

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