The Importance of Using Disposable Food Preparation Gloves

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Why are disposable food preparation gloves important?

The Importance of Using Disposable Food Preparation Gloves

The FDA has announced that food borne illnesses will be dramatically reduced as food workers utilize disposable food preparation gloves in the workplace. These gloves serve as a barrier to protect the worker from contracting bacteria from raw or uncooked meat and shellfish, while also preventing contamination of food items from workers.

Disposable food preparation gloves are an important precaution in preventing the spread of sickness, bacteria, and disease in food establishments. Be sure to thoroughly wash hands before and after wearing gloves, and it is also recommended to scrub the fingernail area with a nailbrush for at least 20 seconds before and after wearing disposable gloves. Make sure that the disposable food preparation gloves you have selected fit accurately, and never use your food gloves for other tasks. Keep them task specific to achieve the best protection.



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