Cleaning Supplies for Linens

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Cleaning Supplies for Linens

When ordering janitorial supplies for your restaurant, you want to factor in supplies to help you keep your linens as clean as can be. Fine table linens at a restaurant may start out crisp and white, but by the end of the evening they are often covered in food, wine and lipstick.

You'll want an industrial stain-buster for that persistent lipstick stain that remains even after the first wash. You'll want to soak the linen overnight in this before washing it again.

For grease stains on linens, a WD-40 will work well, according to experts. You'll then want to add a liquid dish soap fortified with grease cutters to ensure that no oil spot is left on the napkin. After letting it set for a bit, you can send to the laundry.



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