Periodic Degreasing of Floors

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Periodic Degreasing of Floors

Sometimes restaurant owners need to know when to put aside the mop and hire help for a deep floor cleaning. This is particularly important if, no matter how many times the floor is mopped, there is still a residue that makes the floor a falling hazard for employees and guests.

Deep-cleaning degreasing solutions are sometimes needed when floor build-up becomes too much for a traditional mop and bucket method.

This is when professionals come in and spray the floors with a chemical. Spraying allows adequate dwell time that is needed for the chemical to break the surface tension (a film formed by surface molecules) and to emulsify the soil. Cleaners will work by chemical action if given time. This method provides a good hot-water rinse that contributes to the level of cleanliness. Hot water works best when cleaning greasy soils.



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