Glass Jars: How They Do & Don't Stack Up

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What are the pros and cons of glass food storage containters?

Glass Jars: How They Do & Don't Stack Up

Environmentally speaking, glass food storage containers are one of the best options for both dry and wet foods. Not only can you avoid the waste of plastic bags or containers (not to mention Styrofoam or other earth unfriendly materials), but glass does not absorb odors and is dishwasher safe. The downside is their weight. Alone, glass containers are often hefty enough, but once you add food to them, you're adding considerable ounces or even pounds. When it comes to storage, this can be a problem. One easy way to avoid damage, is to never stack glass jars. The jars on the bottom of the stack can (and probably will, eventually) crack with the weight of the jars on top.



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