The Importance of Hand Washing and Drying: Cleaning Equipment

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What cleaning equipment is preferable for hand washing, automatic hand dryers or paper towel dispensers?

The Importance of Hand Washing and Drying: Cleaning Equipment

Hand washing is one of the most important acts that all food workers can do to prevent the spread of food borne illnesses. Purchasing cleaning equipment such as
automatic hand dryers are a great way to encourage hand washing as well as
reduce waste and debris from paper towels. Automatic hand dryers prevent the
need for paper towels that may overflow on the restroom floors. Additionally, automatic hand dryers are
preferable due to the fact that the cost of purchasing automatic hand dryers
far outweighs the cost of continually stocking paper towels.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--><!--[endif]-->It is also important to ensure that your
food establishments are also equipped with hand washing cleaning supplies such
as antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers. All employees should understand the importance of hand
washing and drying in the workplace. Hands should be washed with antibacterial soap after visiting the
restroom, handling raw meat, after break times, handling trash, if coughing,
and if sneezing. Make sure to place
signs throughout the establishment to remind customers and coworkers alike the
importance of hand washing.



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