Restroom Janitorial Supply Checklist

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What should be included on a bathroom janitorial supply checklist?

Restroom Janitorial Supply Checklist

Having a clean and sanitary restroom is imperative to running a successful food establishment. However, it is often said that an unkempt bathroom is the highest complaint that consumers have against restaurants. Keeping a well stocked bathroom that makes clean up easy and trouble free is imperative to staying within code. Here is a bathroom janitorial supply checklist that will help ensure that your bathroom is equipped with the necessary items needed to be sanitary and user friendly.

Covered Waste Baskets (preferably foot pedal operated)

Toilet Paper

Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

Lime Remover cleaner

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Antibacterial hand soap


Feminine Hygiene Products

Toilet Seat Covers

Paper Towel Dispenser or Automatic Hand Dryer

Urinal/Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Blocks

Baby Changing Station

Facial Tissues

Along with these basic bathroom supplies, there should be a nightly schedule where the restrooms are cleaned thoroughly, including the walls wiped down, and floors mopped with code specific commercial cleaning supplies.



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