The Federal Food Code and Storing Bulk Cleaning Supplies

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Can I reuse the containers that stored bulk cleaning supplies?

The Federal Food Code and Storing Bulk Cleaning Supplies

Every four years, the federal government updates the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food Code to incorporate any changes that are applicable to food establishments. When it comes to storing bulk cleaning supplies, the U.S. Department has laid out some very clear rules.

First, they advise that all bulk cleaning supplies be stored in clearly legible containers with the manufacturer's information easily made visible. When bulk cleaning items are being used, they must be in working containers that are clearly labeled as well. Only chemicals and toxic materials that have been deemed appropriate for use in a restaurant are allowed to enter the facility. Also, containers that have been used to store bulk cleaning supplies or other hazardous items are forbidden to be used for storing, housing, or transporting food.



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