Beer Glasses and Other Inventory: Projecting Cash Flow

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How can I keep track of my budget and make sure I am prepared for additional items like beer glasses and other bar accessories?

Beer Glasses and Other Inventory: Projecting Cash Flow

There is no doubt about it - in your new bar and restaurant business, bar accessories will need to be replaced. Beer glasses, wine glasses, and any bar accessory will be broken and your supply will need to be continually stocked. To make sure that your business stays profitable, you will need to make a Cash Flow Projection sheet. Using a template is a great way to keep track of your monthly expenditures. Be sure to include the cost of items such as wine glasses, beer glasses, and other bar accessories to determine how much your business is spending on these necessary items. You can use software such as Plan Magic Restaurant to ensure that your business plan, financial statement, and Cash Flow Projection are all in order.



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