Cleaning and Polishing Stemware

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Cleaning and Polishing Stemware

Wine glasses should be spot-free, odor-free and gleaming on your table tops as customers are seated for a meal. To keep them this way, avoid strong detergents, which could leave a residue inside the glass and destroy the taste of a wine. Thoroughly rinse and polish your stemware after each use.

To polish, use a lint-free cloth for the best sheen. Experts say go ahead and use clean coffee filters on still-damp stemware if you run out of cloth. Here's the technique experts recommend: hold the base in one hand while the other hand holds half of the towel inside the bowl and the other half outside the bowl. Your thumb will be inside the bowl and your other fingers will be outside the bowl. Twist the glass with the hand holding the base while the towel is held tightly enough to wipe the glass but not tight enough to cause tension.

For specific types of polishing cloths and wipes, look at products by reputable companies such as Kimberly-Clark Professional.



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