How to Properly Decant Wine

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How to Properly Decant Wine

There is an art to decanting wine. Don't get caught serving your customers a decanter full of sediment!

Since wine is typically stored on its side, let the bottle stand upright at least an hour before decanting so the sediment can settle on the bottom of the bottle.

When pouring the wine into the decanter, it must be done in one pour. Stopping the pour and holding the bottle upright again before continuing agitates the sediment and mixes it into the pour. This means you will have unwanted sediment in your decanter.

How long should the wine sit in the decanter before serving? Some need only 10 or 15 minutes; others need hours. Experts suggest tasting the wine first. Does it make you pucker? Is it too oaky? If so, it needs more than an hour. If it's fairly balanced, several minutes will do.



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