The Universal Measuring Cup

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The Universal Measuring Cup

One of the main drawbacks of measuring cups is the sheer number of them needed for the complete range of measurements.
Cooks must have a complete set of both dry and liquid measuring cups on hand. Inevitably, some of these get misplaced over time. There is a solution to this problem: a universal measuring cup. When ordering bakery and restaurant supplies, it is a good idea to add this to your list.
Here's how it works: it is a two-piece cylinder with an outer and inner part. The outer cylinder contains all the possible gradations of both liquid and dry measurments. A tight-fitting inner cylinder is pulled down to the proper measuring line. The ingredient can then be placed in the universal measuring cup and leveled off. If another ingredient is required, the inner cylinder can be pulled down yet again to add the new measurement. Several dry or liquid ingredients can be added all at once and then dumped as a unit into the mixing bowl or food processor.



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