The Benefits of Touch-free Paper Towel Dispensers

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The Benefits of Touch-free Paper Towel Dispensers

Touch-free or "hands-free" paper towel dispensers are a great idea. In fact, an increasing number of commercial, private and public buildings are installing automatic faucets, flushers, soap and a paper towel dispenser, cleaning systems, and other touch-free devices in their restrooms.

That is because of the concern over germs on restroom surfaces. In addition to sanitation issues, other factors are contributing to this trend. Evidence exits that touch-free faucets and flushers can effectively reduce possible cross-contamination. They also save water. There was once a concern that touch-free technology was not reliable. However, newer products on the market are proving to be dependable and durable. Newer products are smaller, use fewer parts, are easier to install, and are more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, restaurant owners are realizing that touch-free technology is actually cheaper to operate and requires less maintenance.



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